We develop…

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_brand names

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_company names

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_new category names

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_name architectures

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_key descriptive brand language

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_name audits

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_sub-brand names

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_verbal audits

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We will explain, recommend resources, and hold your hand through:

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_the trademark process
(it’s a bit of a gauntlet,
to be honest)

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_foreign language clearance
(you want to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate or offensive in a key language)

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_domain name acquisitions


How we do it…
the naming process, in brief

Each project is different; each is tailored to the specific needs and wants of our client. But there’s a common thread that runs through most projects: the process starts out with a…

Step 1

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Background briefing and analysis

> Fully understanding what needs a name, its growth plans, comms strategy, competition, pricing, key target audiences, marketplace dynamics, trends, etc.

> determining if the new offer represents a new category

> understanding the current visual and verbal vocabularies surrounding the product and category

Step 2

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With that background in place, a Name Strategy is developed.

It guides both name development and name evaluation when names are presented.

The strategy sets out the name’s:

What role should the name play in the overall communication of the offer? E.g., convey a key feature? A key benefit? Inspire?

What 3-4 main content/message areas should be explored?

What name types are recommended?Descriptive? Evocative? Coined?

What name tones should be explored?
Direct? straightforward? playful?emotional? inspiring?

Including name structure (how can growth be easily accommodated?) memorability, trademarking, language clearance, domain names, etc.


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Once the strategy is approved by the client, name generation begins.

This will be done in-agency and with a guided brainstorm session with the client, if they’d like.

A large pool of names are generated. Preferred name candidates are selected and run through an identical name trademark search and domain name search of available options.


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Name Presentation

Surviving name candidates are presented for client shortlisting. Those name candidates are then reviewed by a trademark lawyer (the client’s choice) for formal trademark searching and reporting. Language scanning is also recommended to ensure the candidates are free of inappropriate or offensive meaning or sounds in key foreign languages.

Once the findings come back on trademark and language clearance, a final name is selected, a trademark application is submitted and a domain name is acquired.



Here are some of the clients we have named names for...

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